0-60mph in 0.01 seconds

The chameleon’s tongue is one of the fastest draws in the animal kingdom – and now mathematicians have modelled the behaviour of the tongue as it uncoils.

Tasty stuff!


Dividing by zero

Have you ever contemplated what happens when a number is divided by zero?

Here’s an old mechanical calculator which gives a visual clue as to how many times 0 goes into 1. Unfortunately the clip is cut short after just 45 seconds – it should run forever đŸ™‚

Mapping the world

What is a metre? Who decided?
What are those lumps of concrete on top of hills for? Why are they called trig points?

Here’s a good BBC article with some excellent images to explain the concrete.

And here’s one of Marcus du Sautoy’s informative documentaries which explains where the metre came from. It’s well worth the hour you’ll spend watching!