What links Ramanujan and Fermat?

Many have heard of Fermat and his Last Theorem. Fewer know of Ramanujan, a brilliant Indian self-taught mathematician. He had insights into the nature of numbers far beyond his time, one of which is considered here.

It’s well worth a read. It might also explain why the URL for this blog contains the number 1729 🙂


Christmas Cards :)

It’s nearly that time of year again, and Christmas cards can be anything from tacky, expensive to impersonal. Why not try a mathematical theme – see this article! It’s even got a bridge in it 🙂

Better even than that, remember who Christmas is about – and remember that Christmas is only the start of His earthly story. If you don’t understand the significance of Easter then you can’t understand the importance of Christmas either. And if the message of Easter is true, then it cannot be ignored. Please don’t!

On whether cholera is water-borne

Mathematics is worthy of being studied even if no practical use can be seen.

However, Mathematics is frequently useful in ‘real-life’ situations. In 1850s London cholera was on the rampage; there were many diverse theories about how it spread. John Snow, a mathematician, demonstrated that cholera is water-borne. And here is how he did it!